Beautiful Red Bell

    Muddle the pepper slices with the simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add the lime juice, mint, gin, and ice. Shake. Double-strain into a cocktail glass. Red bell pepper slice garnish.

    Origin: Ryan Maybee, Manifesto, Kansas City, MO

    Hot outsideMintyPreprandialSweetTartVeggie

    Similar cocktails:

    French Pearl
    • 2 oz Plymouth gin
    • ¼ oz Pernod absinthe
    • ¾ oz lime juice
    • ¾ oz rock candy syrup
    • 1 mint sprig

    Gently muddle the mint with the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, stir, and strain into a cocktail glass.


    Gin-Gin Mule
    • 2 oz gin
    • ½ oz lime juice
    • ¼ oz simple syrup
    • 7 fresh mint leaves
    • 2 oz ginger beer
    • 2 oz fizz water

    Gently muddle the mint, syrup, and lime juice in a highball glass. Add ice and pour in the gin. Stir. Pour in the ginger beer and fizz water. Lime wedge garnish.

    ComplicatedCoolers, collinses, highballs, fizzes, and swizzlesFizzyHerbaceousHot outsideMintySweet

    Juliet & Romeo
    • 2 oz gin
    • ¾ oz lime juice
    • ⅓ oz simple syrup
    • 3 drops rose water
    • 3 drops Angostura bitters
    • 3 slices cucumber
    • 6 mint sprigs
    • 1 pinch salt

    Muddle the cucumber with the salt in a cocktail shaker. Spank the mint and drop it in. Add the remaining ingredients and allow to sit for 30 seconds. Add ice, shake, and double-strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a floating mint leaf and place one drop of rose water on the leaf. Float 3-5 more drops of Angostura bitters on the drink.


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